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Episode #17 - Dick Justice - Dick Justice is many things.  He is a wrestler, he is a power lifter, he is a World Police Officer, but most of all he is a 'Merican.  Matthew (@announcerterry) and Dick talk about everything from the Academy to heavy lifting LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Videos -
Once upon a time, Matthew Terry (attempted to run) a wrestling promotion named Moonshine Branded Wrestling.  We have added, and will continue to add, matches from Moonshine Branded Wrestling in our Videos Tab.  Enjoy.

Episode #16 - Nikki Payne -
Turns out that one of, if not THE favorite comedian of Matthew, is a wrestling fan.  Nikki Payne talks about growing up with a wrestling ring right behind her trailer, living in the same trailer park as wrestling legends, her memories of Grand Prix Wrestling, Hostess Chip contests and the shows she plans on taking in in the near future. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #15 - Al Snow -
This is a long one folks.  Al Snow truly loves to talk, but what he talks about is intriguing from start to finish.  You can also hear every ounce3 of passion he possesses for wrestling and the world around it.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #14 - Ed Kuehnel -
You know what sending the show free stuff will get you?  A sincere review and interview time on the show.  Ed Kuehnel of Suspicious Behaviour Poroductions (@SBP_Comics) is on the show to talk about Invasion Of The Planet Wrestletopia.  "When a disgruntled pro wrestler declares himself ‘galactic champ of the universe’ a planet of alien wrestlers views it as an act of war.” LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #13 - RJ City -
Perhaps the most multi-talented man in wrestling, RJ City (@RJCity1) talks with Matthew (@announcerterry) about his multiple outlets.  From kid's shows, movies with Roddy Piper to coffee in his underwear. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #12 - Kongo Kong -
The savage, Kongo Kong, joins Matthew (@announcerterry) this week.  They talk about the origins of Kong, his inspirations and more.  "Infamous" Jay Moore also has something to share with Crossfire Wrestling fans concerning their upcoming event. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #11 - Mark From C*4
- Matthew follows up on his
announcement concerning Cable 14 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Then ...  Matthew (@announcerterry) catches up with an old acquaintance from fourteen years ago, Mark From C*4.  Although he wasn't "from C*4" then.  C*4 wasn't a thing yet.  In fact, it was Mark who made it a thing.  We scratch the surface with Mark, C*4, old times, modern times and more.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Episode #10 - Gregory Iron -
Matthew (@announcerterry) sits down with "Your Handicapped Hero", "One Armed and Dangerous", "Papa Schlongo", Gregory Iron.  Gregory has a hell of a story and we only scratch the surface with this interview, but it's a hell of a surface.  We talk breaking his d*%$, getting trained, fans reaction to his disability.  Great talk.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

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